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Marco Garcia

Insights and Competitive Intelligence Leader.

With more than 10 years of experience working in the telecommunication industry, local and international projects, generating insights around with the commercial and decision-making teams, defining strategies based on findin...

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Franklin Herrera

Innovation and Analytics Leader.

Experience in the telecommunication and human resources industry, with more than 9 years working in different Data Warehousing and Business Intelligence projects, his focus is storytelling with data, and he is capable to summarize high amounts of data into effective dashboards...

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Elvis Ramirez

Big Data and Cloud DevOps Leader

High experience in the retail, telecommunication and consulting services industries, with more than 9 years of work experience. He has been part of teams that have developed Data Warehos...

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Nelson Zepeda

Chief Analytics Officer.

Background in the telecommunication industry, retail, and finance. More than 12 years working in local and international projects of different subjects about Data Warehouse, Business Intelligence, and Digital Innovation through Advanced Analytics and Cloud Computing.

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