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Home Usage Policies
  1. General
    This document contains the rules applicable to the use of the website and that we will refer to as “ Datasphere ”. Any natural or legal person, who wishes to buy Datasphere products (services) You can do so after registering as a customer of the system. In addition, you must accept the Use Policies, Privacy Policies, Shipping Policy and Claims and Returns Policy, which has the character of binding between the parties.
  2. Ability to Contract
    The use of the website and the products (services) offered by (Datasphere) are available to natural or legal persons who have the legal capacity to exercise, that is, that are likely to exercise rights and acquire obligations for themselves without the need of authorization from another. Therefore, they are unable to hire the insane and those under 18 years of age, among others without legal capacity to hire.
    In the case of legal persons, whoever hires in their name and representation, must be the one Have the legitimate and sufficient quality to do so.
  3. Registration

    To purchase through the website it is necessary to register as a customer, completing an enrollment form in all fields (name, surname, age, date of birth,
    address, phone, email), as well as set a username and password. The client assumes the commitment to update personal information as changes occur therein, as well as being responsible and guaranteeing the veracity, accuracy and validity of the information entered.
    The client is responsible for all operations carried out on his account .

  4. Charges
    Purchases made on the website have no extra cost. The price to be paid is the price specified in each product, which already includes taxes.
  5. Address and applicable Law
    This agreement will be governed by the laws in force in the Republic of El Salvador . The user renounces his address and for the purposes of this contract designates the city of San Salvador as a special address and submits to the jurisdiction and laws of the Republic of El Salvador. The following is set as Datasphere address:
    67 Avenida Sur No. 300 next to Grupo Saltex Colonia Roma San Salvador El Salvador. You can contact us at (503) 24061054 and email