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To use the services offered by Datasphere, customers need to provide personal data. Your personal information is processed and stored on servers or magnetic media that have high levels of security and protection, both physical and technological.
Datasphere will take measures that have a scope to protect the privacy of customer information. Therefore, you will not share personal information of the sea for free or for free, an exception to the ways set forth in this document. In the event that third parties gain access to any information illegitimately, Datasphere is not responsible for the use of the information.
Datasphere will cooperate with judicial or administrative authorities to comply with the law and with the purpose of safeguarding the integrity and security of society and that of its clients. Therefore, it may provide personal information of its users at the request of any authority for the purposes of its investigations in cases such as:
protection of industrial and intellectual property rights, prevention of fraud and other matters, and for its part, The user authorizes Datasphere to provide the information that it deems pertinent for the faithful compliance with the law. Datasphere at its discretion and when deemed necessary by considering that the activity of a client is suspicious or has had indications that it commits a crime or harms a person, may provide a user's personal information to other users or third parties to make comply with the policies and with the application of cooperation with the execution and compliance with the law. This power will be exercised by the Datasphere there will have to exist or not a judicial or administrative order to that effect.